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  • Testimonials

    “I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for a good portion of my life, I have seen multiple counselors and tried different approaches. I was blessed to come across the counsel of Alistair Hawkes and her approach to treat both my anxiety and depression, and the tools, the teachings and the approach she used to treat the disease are self-empowering, stimulate personal growth and they are effective in multiple aspects of life. After treatment I can say I feel like a new and better person, and can never be thankful enough for what she has done for me. She truly cares!”  ~ Victor A.

    “Learning breathwork with Alistair Hawkes has been one of the most profound, soul expanding experiences of my life!  The growth my wife and I have experienced since we started this journey has been exponential!  Thank you so much Alistair!”        ~ Brad 

    “It’s like a whole year of therapy in a two-hour session. ”        ~ A student during practitioner training

    “Breathwork started out as interesting, breathing in and out, what is going to happen?  As the first experience with breathwork (zoom, as part of a group) was coming to a close, insights and intuitive thinking kicked in and I started feeling deep emotions that I had not felt in a long while.  This was a good feeling/experience.  This motivated me to commit to a 10 session series with Alistair that has helped me to integrate intellectual and emotional understanding, challenges and experiences into my mind/body.  Each session opened a new path of exploration for me and this has allowed a deeper understanding and total experience of my full being.  With breathwork, there has been a huge shift from stuck thoughts and feelings into acceptance, gratitude and love.  Alistair is a wonderful facilitator. Thank you Alistair!”

                  ~D. H.