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    I am a mental health educator, I work with all populations and have demonstrated success with children, teens, young adults and adults, and elder adults. Services offered are active, and advanced skill-building practices which I am happy to teach to people at all levels who have a true desire to grow and change, and who will put efforts towards using the tools provided. Please call for a brief consult to determine if these practices are right for your needs. I also provide public speaking on a variety of topics surrounding wellness and self-regulation.

    Empowerment Psychotherapy:

    Pathways to Wholeness

    Utilizing a combination of practical tools and skills, open the pathway to your next level.

    Clarity Breathwork

    A gentle form of breathwork that is profoundly effective in the first session. It’s for the things you are tired of talking through and ruminating about because it works directly on the material that is still subconscious. Clear some layers and breakthrough today! In one session you most surely will make progress toward identifying a clear path forward, possibly toward resolving anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and Depression. In sessions you can use your inner powers of discernment and make way toward clearing limiting core beliefs, and you will access greater inner freedom and your innate joyful aliveness. 

    2+ hour individual sessions include inquiry, support, and a full breathwork session.
    2 hour online group sessions include grounding, movement, intention, group process, and a full breathwork session. In-person sessions will resume following COVID restrictions.


    HIKE4evolution Neurofeedback/Biofeedback

    Helps clients build mastery over autonomic nervous system arousal (fight/flight/freeze), resolves stress, encourages new neuronal growth. This system uses ancient practices combined with modern biofeedback/neurofeedback technology protocols to help clients learn to master stress responses and achieve self-mastery. 

    1-2 hour sessions – autonomic nervous system feedback, heart rate variability, eeg feedback technology applied to increase mastery of self-regulation and reduce stress symptomatology. Includes tactical skills training, feedback sessions and Q & A


    Empowerment Psychotherapy Group Support – online  for anxiety, depression, grief and loss

    Includes psychoeducation, grounding, tactical skills, breathwork, sharing time and Q & A. Online groups will be conducted throughout COVID restrictions.


    Some insurance accepted until it is phased out by Summer 2022, limited number of available spots each week.


    Please inquire about comprehensive services dealing with: