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    Do you often feel like you are spinning your wheels? Are you recycling the loops of engagement in your intimate relationship – having the same fights or problems repeatedly? Are you noticing that your patterns are affecting your happiness quotient in a way you are uncomfortable with? Are you ready to put all those years of talk therapy to good use? Are you interested in clearing the residue, the subtle layers of your emotional, mental, and physical life that are holding you back from living your most full, creative, passionate life?
    I’m talking about excavating the unhelpful thought patterns (judging, criticizing, blaming, accusing, assuming, etc.), the emotional patterns (anxiety, depression, distraction, fight/flight/freeze, etc.), and the physical tension that everyday stress causes. Ready? Try Empowerment Psychotherapy with Clarity Breathwork. Dive deep and clear some layers in one 2-hour session. A clinician (therapist) who recently had a session said, “This is good!” and immediately signed-up for a second session. She reported that she was able to experience/sense/feel into her body in new ways during the first session. As a somatic psychotherapist, I’m a trained observer in regard to how the body holds our life experiences. When stress occurs, holding patterns are triggered (constriction, tension) and these patterns are often maintained unconsciously because we have yet to learn how to release them moment-by-moment with a deep breath or a kind thought towards ourselves or someone else. When something happens at work or home that causes an emotional spike like frustration or worry this stress can build up, clogging up the nervous system which is designed to be flexible and fluid. In sessions, I enjoy helping my clients identify where they hold their tension in their body. There are many biofeedback and neurofeedback articles that describe this process scientifically. When stress is held, it causes residual tension, which have long-term effects.

    Reclaim your flexibility, creativity, and bring some joy back into your life.

    During an Empowerment Psychotherapy session, an intake is conducted, and psychoeducation is provided around the Autonomic Nervous System and the emotional brain and using mindfulness of sensation, emotional triggers, and body clues to reduce stress symptoms and emotional dysregulation. The client is then coached in a simple breathing practice to create a Relaxation Response so that deeper material can be accessed in the mind, emotions, and body. Patterns that have been held for years can be acknowledged, resolved, and integrated. Utilizing conscious breathing in psychotherapy accelerates the process of developing insight into the unresolved issues that keep coming up to be looked at. When we have insight, we can grow. When we grow, we feel better. As the developer of Clarity Breathwork says, “The breath is a miraculous medicine of our time.”

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