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    Wellness, Empowerment Breathwork, Skill-building Events

    More Offers Coming Soon!

    Please use the contact form here Contact to express interest in breathwork and courses offered.

    1) How to Become Even Happier: Supportive Skills Groups are clinical in nature and are helpful for everyday individuals interested in resolving anxiety and depression. This group is currently enrolling and will be held Wednesdays in May starting 5/4 from 10-11:30a MST. Each class costs $25 (get 5 groups for $90) and includes grounding and centering strategies, psychoeducation on building new neural pathways, how to use energy medicine to support wellness and resolve anxiety and depression, as well as a mini-breathwork session in each class. These skills combined with breathwork can accelerate the process of letting go of old stuff so we can live truly in the here and now with more FREEDOM and JOY. Please use the contact form here Contact to register and pay fees using the payment button here: Payments


    2) Three separate Self-Empowerment Acceleration with Breathwork weekend intensives May 27, 28, 29 and  June 3, 4, 5, 2022 and June 24, 25, 26, 2022. Each of these intensives include 3 breathwork sessions, HIKE4evolution principles and practices, psychoeducation, and energy medicine techniques that when used on a daily basis promote optimal functioning. This 3-session series will catapult you through the issues that have been holding you back so you can rocket launch yourself into new expression – NOW. Each three-day class is for advanced practitioners and people who are very familiar with breathwork and are ready to take their inner development to the next level.  For class dates and times Friday sessions 4:30-6:30p MST, Saturday sessions are 11:00a-1:00p MST, and Sunday sessions are 11:00a-1:00p MST. These separate weekend intensives are each $225 for the three session series and will be limited in size. Please use the Contact form or the Payments button to express interest and pay attendance fees.

    This class was a SUCCESS! All levels Breathwork and ancient practices session April 20, 2022 11a-1p MST  This session is a self-empowerment acceleration session for everyday and extraordinary people who are ready to rocket launch their lives into new expression. Please use the  Contact form or Payments button to register and pay fees. This class is $50.

    This course is currently closed.      Become a Therapist for the Future using practical applied skills and techniques. 5-week Empowerment Course for therapists who want to take themselves and their lives to the next level. Launching live (online, not pre-recorded) sessions Wednesdays starting April 6, 2022, through May 4, 2022, 4:30-7:00 MST. Stay tuned. This 5-week (5-sessions of 2 hours each) Level 1 course is $1,497 and includes HIKE4evolution principles and practices, psychoeducation, energy medicine techniques and 4 breathwork sessions (one mini breathwork session and 3 full-hour breathwork sessions). Class dates: 4/6/22, 4/13/22, 4/20/22, 4/27/22, 5/4/22 4:30-7:00 MST Please use the contact form here to express interest

    Early bird registration through , March 15, 2022, is $997. This is a closed group and the number of attendees will be limited. You can ensure your spot by paying a $500 deposit. Please use the payments link below and make the notation “early bird for the future”, or use Venmo @Alistair-Hawkes, or We’ll connect on Zoom. 💥 Link to come. 🔗


    HIKE4evolution online zoom class “Right Timing and its Implications in Evolution” Saturday March 12, 2022 from 11-12:30p MST for BEGINNERS, and March 12, 1-2:30pMST for ADVANCED. Cost $39/ea or $70 for both classes.

    Please sign-up on the HIKE4evolution website at the “My Spirals” tab that will show up on the menu once you’ve created an account. You may also use the payment link below, Venmo @Alistair-Hawkes, or, please make the notation “Right Timing.” In this class we will discuss the application of right timing principles from astronomy, physiology, energy, and awareness. We will also discuss how to connect with the power and presence that right timing allows us to use in service to our health, happiness and efficiency.


    Breathwork for Transformation

    During these 2-hour breathwork sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with your deepest self, set strong intentions, connect with group energy, experience self-understanding, sort through layers, and clear mind-chatter. It is possible to rocket forward, clearing and letting go of old material, clear limiting core beliefs, and bring more joy and aliveness to every cell of your body through the power of your very own breath.

    Combined with HIKE4evolution principles, this empowering approach to growth and transformation supports all ages and physical abilities and provides opportunities for deep insight and clarity. We invite you to explore the many benefits of combining intention with breathwork in an online platform.


    Dates of upcoming 1-hour and 2–hour Self-Mastery /Breathwork groups:

    Friday 2/11/22 5p-6p MST IN-PERSON at Full Moon Books, Lakewood, CO $9

    Saturday 2/12/22  11:00am-1:0oop MST IN-PERSON at Full Moon Books $45-72

    If you are interested in attending these mastery/breathwork sessions, please use the contact form and payment link below. Unless specified otherwise, cost is by donation: $45-$72. No one is turned away for lack of funds, if you need financial grace please ask! Sign up early to ensure your spot. Please use the payments link below, Venmo @Alistair-Hawkes, or


    October 13, 2021 Helping Kids Thrive sponsored by Jefferson Center for Mental Health

    • Taming Your Child’s Anxious Mind


    December 6, 2020   1:00-3:00p MST 

    Evolutionary Healing with Sound and Breathwork (via Zoom)

    We are in unprecedented times. Finding ground in turbulence can be incredibly challenging. As our world turns upside down, we can find ourselves unable to hold our center upright. Embodied practices can dive us more easily and more deeply in the truth of our own being. Experiential, embodied practices can help us to live into our Core Self with a greater ease than traditional meditation which can often leave us circulating in the miasma of the mind.

    Alistair is collaborating with The Center for Embodied Spirituality in offering its first transformational journey through breath and sound. Join Alistair M. Hawkes and Sabrina Santa Clara for a combination of breath, sound, meditation, and connection. Through these practices you may resolve dissociation, clear limiting core beliefs, bring more joy and aliveness to every cell of your body, deepen awareness of your Divine Self and discover the sense of wonder, peace and stillness that is your birthright.

    This 2.25-hour workshop is being offered on zoom for an energy exchange of $50. Please use the contact form or email Alistair to express interest, or contact Sabrina at 702.762.4100 or [email protected]


    November 16, 2020 3:30-4:30p MST Skill Building Group

    Self-Hypnosis, Easy EFT, and Clarity Breathwork as strategies to manage mood issues such as Anxiety, and Depression, and to live more fully. Learn these skills and have opportunities to practice with Tracy Gray – Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner, and Alistair Hawkes, MA LPC Psychotherapist and Breathwork Practitioner. The cost for this event is between $12-50, no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please use the contact form or email Alistair to express interest.

    November 16, 2020 7-9p EST 6-8p CST, 5-7p MST, 4-6p PST  Breathwork Session: A Healthy Happy You

    The cost for this event is between $25-60, no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please use the contact form or email Alistair to express interest.


    October 1, 2020 Helping Kids Thrive

    • Taming Your Child’s Anxious Mind
    • Self-Care in the New School Year – Empowering You and Your Child to Thrive

    October 2, 2020 Jefferson County PTA

    • Empower Beyond Parenting