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    Become a Therapist for the Future courses

    Using ancient inner-development, 

    renewal, and wellness practices.

    This is the year to renew yourself and grow into your strongest and most resilient sense of Being. Get yourself ready by using ancient tools and techniques such as breathwork, embodied and active meditation, and energy medicine, so you can claim your inner power for the sake of your inner AND outer evolution.

    If you are a successful therapist experiencing the flood of new clients coming through COVID stress, or you’re teetering on the brink of overwhelm due to heavy clinical caseloads, or perhaps simply interested in professional development and adding new tools to your toolbox, this course is for YOU! If science and alternative ways of knowing are so important to you that you want to learn how to bridge between these two ways of applying your skills and talents to your personal and professional lives, let this course guide your next steps. 

    Reap the benefits of a Level 1, five-week empowerment acceleration course starting 4/6/2022.

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    “The Breathwork. It changed my life.”

    “I appreciated these exercises, the breakthrough I experienced  was profound, it brought clarity through my body versus only in mind.”

    “The exercises are very different from anything I have learned before. They are fairly easy to learn, and require less than 10 minutes per day to perform, as a regular practice. It feels good to do them.”

    “The practice of the exercises from HIKE4evolution allow to clean dark energies, connect our biology points and prepare the body for working in positive ways.”

    “I found the exercises to be very relaxing and rejuvenating.”